Three things that show Lil Win can do it all

Three things that show Lil Win can do it all

Ghanaian personality, Kwadwo Nkansah has almost become a treasure to us all, and as he should as well.

Here are three signs that prove it is truly Lil Win’s world and we’re all just living in it.

He’s extremely funny

I think we all can agree at this point that LilWin made our long road trips and even our everyday lives extremely enjoyable with his dangerously funny personality, and we have no choice but to stan!

He’s an amazing actor

Remember Azonto Ghost? Lil Win did such an amazing job at blending his funny character and his amazing acting skills to bring us flicks that will go down in Ghanaian history.

He’s an artist

Please do not sleep on our King Lil Win when it comes to music. Again, his truly hilarious character is very well shown, and we truly cannot get enough of him.


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