No woman can do without a man – Iona Reine

No woman can do without a man – Iona Reine

Professional midwife and budding highlife singer-songwriter, Iona Reine, has insisted that every woman, no matter how strong she appears, needs a man by her side.

She said, from her experience as a divorced woman that, it is never true when a woman says that she can do everything by herself and does not need a man by her side. This was during an interview with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show on eTV Ghana.

She said, “In God’s own wisdom, He created a man first and then he added the woman. God could have created the woman first and left her there but even the man who was created as a whole was not supposed to be alone, how much more the woman who was created from a rib picked from his side. You are dependent on him”.

Iona’s life experience living with a husband and living without a husband informed her opinion on this matter, thus her song ‘Every Woman Needs a Man’.

According to the singer, her divorce took her through stages of depression and it was during her acceptance stage that she realized she could write songs and sing as well, hence she decided to pick up music to help herself heal, just like she helps people with her skill as a midwife.

source: etv Ghana

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