Being musicians does not mean we’re not fit to be parliamentarians – Strongman

Being musicians does not mean we’re not fit to be parliamentarians – Strongman

Kumerican rap artiste, Osei Kwaku Vincent, popularly known as Strongman Burner has commented on the perception people have built about musicians that they are not serious enough to hold parliamentary positions.

Speaking with Foster Romanus on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, he noted that the fact that one is a musician does not mean they are dumb because there are a lot of them who already have degrees and higher certificates in various fields but still chose to do music.

“This year, we have about three or four presidential aspirants who have been able to go through the vetting process and everything, and we can go and vote for them but I don’t even think some of them have JHS results. I wouldn’t want to mention names but they have gotten there so what is wrong if an artist wants to be a parliamentarian?” he quizzed.

Strongman added that “If the person was holding an office in music and based on that, we’re deciding not to back the person, then it’s fine but if you tell me that it’s just because the person is a musician and that parliamentary positions are only for serious people, then you’re wrong. Musicians are also serious people in life so you can’t say that”.

According to him, we cannot judge from how someone looks from what he/ she does, how well they will do in parliament. He stated that he has seen an SRC President from UCC buy a car right after leaving office, hence, if it is also about money laundering, anyone can decide to do it or not and it has nothing to do with whether the person is a musician or not.

Source: e.TV Ghana

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