Ghanaians spend the night at polling station queues ahead of polls

Ghanaians spend the night at polling station queues ahead of polls

Ghanaians have started queuing to cast their ballot in the 2020 general elections across the country.

A visit by Adom FM’s correspondent in the New Juaben South visited one of the polling stations out if the 190 polling stations in the Constituency shows that Ghanaians are upbeat for the election which starts at 7am.

Some residents in the Constituency say they are at the polling station early because they are anxious of voting and cannot risk sleeping.

At the polling station, there were over 20 people who had already formed a queue in anticipation of voting for their favourite candidate.

The New Juaben South Constituency has 190 polling stations with 92,369 electorates.

The Municipal Electoral Officer Mr. Kofi Owusu in an interview said materials have been deployed to the various polling stations and are expected to start the voting process by 7am.

In all, Ghanaians will be voting in 275 Constituencies across the country.

This year’s election is unique because the two major political parties in the country presented a sitting President and a former President as their candidate.

Ahead of the election, the two major political parties signed a peace pact to ensure that their followers do not foment any form of violence in the country and will willingly accept defeat when they are voted against.


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