The Bible doesn’t condone ‘negative’ prophesies – Celestine Donkor

The Bible doesn’t condone ‘negative’ prophesies – Celestine Donkor

Award-winning gospel musician, Celestine Donkor has spoken against what she describes as ‘negative prophecies’, saying the Bible never mentioned it.

According to the reigning VGMA’s female vocalist of the year, modern-day prophets must find a mature way of communicating to their members what God has revealed to them as it is stated in the Bible.

“I don’t doubt prophecies at all, I don’t, I only feel that there has to be a mature way of communicating what God has revealed to you because one of the things I have never read in the Bible Jesus did was to give negative utterance to any human being, I never encountered it – not even once, like you are going to die but rather he said that you will not die”, she said in an interview with Mzgee on TV3’s New Day.

She stressed that prophecies are not to put fear into the individual but rather power and sound mind to help them positively.

“Bible says that let the poor says I am rich, let the weak say I am strong, so I believe that if you see somebody dying, you will call the person and speak life into the person and don’t even let the person even hear that this is what you saw because it put fear in them and fear is demonic.

“Bible said the spirit of God does not give us fear but power, sound mind and self-discipline, so anything you are communicating to a member of your church and it will not give them sound mind, is demonic and I am totally against given those negative prophecies but rather find a way to communicate to the person for him to know there is a need for him to pray because we all know there is darkness in this life, but to tell the person he is already going to die puts him close to the coffin, and I think it is not healthy”, she added.

Source: 3 News

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