Each Black Satellites player to pocket $10,000

Each Black Satellites player to pocket ,000

President Akuffo Addo has promised each player of the Black Satellites $10,000 for their triumph at the 2021 AFCON U-20 tournament.

After presenting the trophy to Ghana’s President at Jubilee House on Tuesday evening, he made a promise of $10,000 to each member of the team and $5,000 to other members of the team. The team will get $5000 in cash and $5000 on a ten-year investment plan.

“The country is very proud of your achievement, we have a package for you which I’m sure the Minister, the GFA President, and your team leaders talked to you about, which will enable you to atleast receive the gratitude of the nation, it is a token but it is something to tell you how happy Ghanaians are with what you

“Each one of the team is receiving $10,000 from Government – the rest, everybody is going to receive $5,000 as an expression of our appreciation,” he said in his speech to the team.

Half of the promised money will be paid to the team in cash and the rest will be invested for them in the next 10 years.

“A decision has been made that the $10,000, you will get $5,000 in cash and 5,000 is going to be invested for you over the next 10 years so you will have something to look forward to.

“Altogether is $330,000 is what the people of Ghana are given to you to express their gratitude and appreciation for what you have done,” he explained.

The President also made a personal promise to the head coach, the captain, best player and best goalkeeper of the tournament.

“I have also to do something personal, the $330,000 is from the people of Ghana, but myself personally, for the captain, the best player, best goalkeeper, I’m giving you $5,000 each and I can’t leave out coach Zito, so I’m giving him too $5,000,” he added.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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