“He’s a big hypocrite” – Ghanaians criticize rapper Sarkodie for remaining silent about the ills of the NPP government

“He’s a big hypocrite” – Ghanaians criticize rapper Sarkodie for remaining silent about the ills of the NPP government

Rapper Sarkodie is at the receiving end of the heat that has erupted following a social media campaign dubbed “Fix The Country.”

This campaign is a social tool many Ghanaians are using as an outlet to vent their frustration over the ills of the NPP government and why Ghana as a nation deserves better.

With the likes of Twene Jonas becoming overnight celebrities following his constant show of displeasure at the state of affairs of the nation, many Ghanaians, predominantly youth, believe the time to rise in NOW!

Well, why should rapper Sarkodie be drawn into a campaign that has got nothing to do with music or his trade?

Many believe Sarkodie has become hypocritical after the NPP government took over the affairs of the nation in 2017. They believe the once vociferous rapper who was known and admired for speaking truth to power through his music has coiled back into his shells.

What caused that? That is the unanswered question on the minds of many fans who clearly believe Sarkodie is in bed with the governing party and as a matter of loyalty does not want to speak about their ills.

Why is he not releasing songs to criticise the governemnt? Is he not experiencing the problems Ghanaians are going through? Is Nana Akufo-Addo different from Mahama? — These are the questions from Ghanaians when they remember songs like ‘Inflation” “Masses” “Dumsor” etc which were released by Sarkodie between 2015 and 2016 criticizing the government and calling on duty bearers to do the needful.

Well, Sarkodie does not need to speak before we know he is a hypocrite…many have said with the “Happy Day” song Sarkodie released in December 2020 praising President Akufo-Addo ringing bells in their ears.

@thearmah_ wrote: Hey @sarkodie still Nana toaso? Or eye clear give you too

@Kwesi_Picasso wrote: Sarkodie: Minister for writing Diss songs to the Government affairs

@_officialNaomi wrote: just a thought…right now if  @sarkodie was to release a song about #FixTheCountry, the very same people that were happy and praising him about ‘Happy Day’ will also be the very same people to talk about how he praised the government and he is now talking against them. Smh.

@justorlando wrote: When sarkodie said “cman no 3y3 ntoma nka atete ama na sen” I really felt it

@the_marcoli_boy wrote: Sarkodie criticised Mahama but he can’t criticise Nana. This is the only UN award he deserves for hypocritical Fugazy lifestyle

@shattabaconfirm wrote: You guys should forget some of the Artists. Sarkodie like this won’t Join us #FixTheCountry country. Ambassador of NPP. Happy Day

@mmoankoaa wrote: Sarkodie did about 4 songs..inflation..the masses..dumsor etc to criticize the past Government but has been silent over this very government ..instead you did a song HAPPY DAY 2 praise him Hypocrisy at the highest level.. #FixTheCountry smh

@thearmah_ wrote: everything happening now I blame it Sarkodie. He no talk Nana toaso anka me and my community wouldn’t have gone to vote 4 more 4 more suffering

@iamsamuelpagge wrote: How the hell do you expect Sarkodie to jump on the #FixTheCountry agenda?? It’s obvious his political affiliation won’t allow him. Nobi he he come talk say “Nana toaso??” Twonfonta artiste kai

Still the “Fix The Nation” is rising to its crescendo as many rally behind Twitter influencers to seek permanent change.

source: ghbase.com

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