‘Cheap Talk No Dey Buy A Horse, So I Don’t Respond To Them’-Joe Mettle

‘Cheap Talk No Dey Buy A Horse, So I Don’t Respond To Them’-Joe Mettle

Gospel Musician Joe Mettle has disclosed on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that he was not moved by the untruths and negative stories that were thrown at him after his marriage.

The musician speaking with Sokoohemaa Kukua stated that talk is cheap, and people are always looking for an opportunity to destroy others even with false stories.

He said people are only quick to run people down without realizing it.
Such stories he lamented only destroy the reputation of others.

He added that some persons who peddle lies about others don’t even come out to apologize even when it turns out they lied.

”There are people who genuinely like to talk, so you leave for them to talk. Just focus on what you have to dop0 and do it well. In a football game, there are many people. There are the spectators who just look. There would always be commentators who will say anything. We have the players who are paid for their services. So if you want to be the commentator, go ahead, there would always be the players. The player’s skill is not determined by the commentator’s comment. The skill is determined by the coach. To me, my coach o9s God and he directs me not, the commentators.”

The only downside to these negative stories, he lamented, is that it runs people down without realizing the damage caused.

He said journalists must learn to apologize to people when they publish negative stories about them.

Joe Mettle said it is even painful that bloggers don’t even contact people when negative stories are said about them.

source: rainbowradioonline.com

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