A Plus & Abena Korkor Spotted Together

A Plus & Abena Korkor Spotted Together

All is indeed fair in love and war. After the back and forth on social media, Kwame A-Plus and Abena Korkor decided they are more than a couple of bitter words towards each other. 

About a week ago, Abena Korkor decided to make allegations against A-Plus and it did not sit right with him. He also decided to get back at her with a video insulting the life out of her. 

In a post today on Abena’s Instagram, she was seen posing for a picture with him in what seems to be A-Plus’s office. She captioned the picture. “Friends make sure peace prevails. Cheers to more fruitful acquaintances”.

A-Plus also went live with Abena and spoke about how he doesn’t like regrets. He was seeking ways on how they can put everything behind them and look at how they can help Abena moving forward. 

In the comments, people were saying she will repeat the act and A-Plus will sleep with her and she will tell everyone. He quickly asked them not to worry and that he will announce it himself. 

He took the matured route and apologized to all people living with mental health issues who may have been offended by him using mad woman to refer to Abena and her condition. He explained that the act was fueled by the misunderstanding they had and he was seeking to hit her where it will hurt the most. 

They decided to hug it out at the end and A-Plus commented on her body saying he was wrong and it’s not an improper fraction.

Watch them make peace here:

source: ghanacelebrities

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