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Dr Kwaku Oteng Shades Other Wives As He Reveals His First Wife Is His Angel



Dr Kwaku Oteng Shades Other Wives As He Reveals His First Wife Is His Angel

CEO of Angel Group of Companies, millionaire, Dr Kwaku Oteng has spoken very highly of his first wife.

He has said that his first wife is an angel as she saved his business many years ago.

According to Dr Kwaku Oteng, he was facing challenges of expanding his business when he started Angel Cream. He revealed that there were several attempts to secure money to expand the business but to no avail.

He made other considerations and decided to bring onboard investors who would have taken a major stake in the business but his wife stopped him.

Dr Kwaku Oteng revealed in an interview that his wife’s good counsel prevented him from accepting GHC 3,000 offer from a friend who had wanted to partner with him.

“In business, I’ve faced a lot of difficulties. But one of the most noteworthy of them is the time when I wanted to expand the Angel cream’s activities. I recall a certain business associate inviting me to his home to work out a transaction. He handed me GHC 3,000 and asked that I begin producing with him right now. I was tempted to take the money because I was in desperate need of cash. My wife, on the other hand, reprimanded me and advised me not to succumb to the temptation. She told us to keep doing what we were doing and that luck would shine on us at the appropriate time. In an interview with Vaultz Magazine, he remarked, “These days, when I think back on the situation, I thank God for not allowing me to make such a big mistake.”


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