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‘I Want Nothing To Do With Him’ – Here Is Why Kevin Prince Boateng Has Disowned His Brother Jerome



‘I Want Nothing To Do With Him’ – Here Is Why Kevin Prince Boateng Has Disowned His Brother Jerome

Kevin-Prince Boateng has publicly disowned his biological brother Jerome Boateng, saying he wants nothing to do with him any longer.

The ex-Ghana international footballer disclosed in an interview that he has distanced himself from his brother a long time ago and does not want to see or hear anything about him anymore.

He said this after Jerome Boateng was found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend.

KP Boateng said he respects German laws and does not want to associate with anyone who engages in domestic violence even if that person is his half brother Jerome Boateng.

The Hertha Berlin forward told a German publication: “I’ve distanced myself from Jerome for a long time”.

“I value and respect German law. I abhor violence against women. I don’t identify with my brother’s actions and that’s why I no longer have anything to do with him.”

Jerome was found guilty last week in court for assaulting his former fiancée, Sherin Senler.

The German center-back allegedly threw a lamp and a small cooling box at his former partner.

He was also fined 1.8m euro (£1.5m) by the court after the prosecutors made the above claims.

Three years ago, Sherin, who is the mother of the footballer’s twin daughters, accused Boateng of assaulting her multiple times, all which the footballer denied.

Sherin told the judge in a Munich court that Jerome punched her, causing her to lose her breath, during an argument while they were on holiday.

He grabbed my eye with his thumb. He tore my hair, then bit me in the head. He opened his lip, pulled my head back and spat blood on my face,” she told the court.

The defender initially denied the allegations, asserting that his former girlfriend was just exaggerating and that things did not happen as Sherin had narrated.

He however admitted in court on Thursday that things got tensed with his girlfriend while they were on holiday in the Caribbean but it was the girl who started the fight.

A report from BBC quoted Jerome Boateng to have said, “She had become aggressive and insulting, hitting him and injuring his lip.

“When he tried to push her away from him, she fell. He said he had thrown a pillow against a table, and the lamp had fallen to the floor.”


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