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‘Be Kind To My Kids When I Die, I Am Very Weak’ – Joyce Dzidor Writes Scary Message Online



‘Be Kind To My Kids When I Die, I Am Very Weak’ – Joyce Dzidor Writes Scary Message Online

Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has caused fear amongst her loved ones and followers on social media.

Joyce disclosed on her Facebook page that she is getting weaker by the minute and fears the worst might happen to her any moment.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, appeared in an emotional state on Facebook to plead a sorrowful empathy from Ghanaians to her kids.

She pleaded that Ghanaians take good care of her kids in her absence and not treat them evil because of the mistakes she did while alive.

Ghanaians will recall that the Joyce Dzidzor Mensah tested positive for HIV during a live telecast of an interview.

Since then, she has been severely trolled despite the fact that she was an HIV/AIDS ambassador.

HIV/AIDS is a disease with stigma. Many have learnt this with experience. People for many reasons are sometimes hesitant to admit that this is a problem.

The stigma that comes with the disease is dangerous than HIV/AIDS, the reason why many people coil in their shells and fear to come out openly with their status.

“…..And when I started educating people on HIV, I encouraged others but always cried in silence after my talk….I maintained a smiling face so that most people with HIV will derive some strength from me. I have been admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Hamburg on 4 occasions. 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 all in a psychiatric hospital for major depression.

“Due to my constant admission, my son Prince was taken away from me. But now I’m weak…Please be kind to my children when I’m no more. Do not treat them badly for my mistakes. God bless you all,” she wrote.


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