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Keep your relationship private until there’s a ring or a baby – Regina Hall



Keep your relationship private until there’s a ring or a baby – Regina Hall

Hollywood actress Regina Hall shared that relationships flourish better without the additional pressure from the world to fit into certain expectations. She believes that unions are not permanent until there’s a long-term fixture like a ring or a baby. 

The 50-year-old soaring actress may be everywhere with movies, but her private life is private personified! Speaking to Essence Magazine’s,“Yes Girl! Podcast”, she revealed why she has never confirmed any dating rumour about her.

“I just feel like relationships are sacred until you’re in a space where you are really certain and knowing. Until you see and know what that part of your life is, inviting the public in is off-limits. But I understand people’s curiosity because I ask God, ‘who is it going to be’? as much as they do. I’m like, God! But I also do that with other people. My friends call me and say, ‘Guess what I heard?’ So, I think it’s just natural human curiosity.”

The actress mentioned that although that is expected to happen to someone in the spotlight, she is bothered about people knowing her business until she is certain about it. 

“It’s a little bit of a sacred area until there is a baby or a ring. I feel like it’s just easier for even the relationship to flourish if it’s left without feeling any additional pressure from the world to be like, ‘oh well, now people think or know or heard, so maybe we should or shouldn’t…’ So I think that’s why I like to be private, but curiosity is so normal,” she concluded.


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