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Boomplay partners CAPASSO to collect and distribute music royalties



Boomplay partners CAPASSO to collect and distribute music royalties

Boomplay and the Composers Authors and Publishers Association (CAPASSO) are taking their business relationship a notch higher.

The leading music streaming platform in Africa and the leading mechanical copyrights collection agency have entered into an extended licensing partnership as part of Boomplay’s expansion strategy across the continent.

The deal increases CAPASSO’s mandate to collect and distribute publishing royalties on behalf of the right holders from five to twenty countries across the African continent.

Speaking about the announcement, Boomplay’s Director of Content and Strategy, Phil Choi, said that the licensing underscores the company’s vision and commitment to empowering the African music ecosystem to unlock its full potential.

Since the start of our partnership in 2015, CAPASSO has been one of our closest partners in making sure composers in Africa receive their fair share of royalties for their work. We are passionate about playing our part in contributing to the African music industry’s vast growth through strategic partnerships such as this one.”

“This partnership will continue to help provide a reliable, fair, and transparent ecosystem for artistes and publishers, and we can look forward to creating even more revenue streams for artistes via our network of partners,” he said.

Jotam Matariro, CAPASSO’s Chief Executive Officer, also shared Choi’s sentiments.

“CAPASSO’s main objective is to ensure that African songwriters and their publishers receive fair value for their works. Thus, it is great to partner with DSPs like Boomplay, who consistently invest in the full-value chain of the African music industry. It is through such commitments that the entire industry can continue to grow,” he noted.

Boomplay, which boasts of over 60 million Monthly Active Users and an extensive music catalogue of over 60 million tracks, has partnerships with all the majors and the top African and International labels and distributors.

The platform recently announced the addition of its streaming data to the data that informs the prestigious Billboard charts. These and many more achievements have contributed to cementing their position at the top of the African streaming market.

CAPASSO is a Digital Rights Licensing Agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa, which collects and distributes royalties to its members, music publishers and composers.

Source: CNR

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