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Be cautious; Prosperity is not always from the right source – Rev. Joe Beecham



Be cautious; Prosperity is not always from the right source – Rev. Joe Beecham

Revered Reverend Joe Beecham advises the youth not to be swayed by flashy lifestyles, for not all that glitters is gold.

Rev. Joe Beecham, who has been in ministry for 25years, revealed some prosperity principles, which he disclosed on 3FM Drive with Giovani Caleb, are not tied to religion. He called these universal principles governing life as a whole once you fall within the human species.

“There’s a scripture that says fret not yourself because of evildoers. Some of the prosperity symptoms we are seeing, there are not from the right source. So you might kill yourself seeing a lot of flashy stuff going around. I didn’t say all. Some people work hard.

“You know there are principles governing life. You don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from those principles. You don’t have to be a Muslim. You have to be a human being. For instance, give, and it shall be given unto you… any giver regardless of your religious background is given back to you. It is just a universal principle. These are principles not tied to Christians. But as a human being, if you pick it up and live it, it accrues to your benefit.”

The good Reverend threw more light on his teaching by referencing Job from the Bible. The house of Job, a righteous and blameless man, was struck by calamity allowed by God to test and prove his faith. And urged all to be steady in their faith and surely their hard work would reward them.

“One of the interesting verses in this scripture is when his friends come to him. Were they there to console him? You heard the things they said. So you will hear all manner of things around this time. I think the scenario in the book of Job was written for us as an example to understand the fact that you are on this earth and you are a human being, you will go through something. You will go through things that you cannot control,” Rev. Joe Beecham continued.

Rev. Joe Beecham is hosting a powerful spirit-filled concert on Sunday, 12 December at the First Love Church with guest appearances from Daughters of Glorious Jesus, MOG Music, Uncle Ato and others.

Source: 3news

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