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Marriage is luck; don’t waste time praying for it – Actress [+Video]



Marriage is luck; don’t waste time praying for it – Actress [+Video]

Ghanaian actress, Efe Sika has stated that she would rather pray about her life than pray fervently about their marriage because marriage cannot be forced.

Speaking on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Efe indicated that even though she is married she never prayed or cried out about her marriage. She knew it was all luck.

“I never prayed for marriage. I’m not saying this because I am married. I have not finished praying about my life and salvation so why waste time praying for marriage. It is luck. Of you’re lucky enough you’ll get it,” she explained.

The actress also mentioned that married couples should not completely avoid their single friends for the sake of it. Moreover, society should not put pressure on people to get married.

“We are four friends and three of us are married but we all meet and have drinks and fun. There’s nothing wrong with that. My family also never gave me pressure to get married. They related with me like everyone else,” Efe added.

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source: svtvafrica

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