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Ebony is unhappy; She will revenge her death soon – Father declares



Ebony is unhappy; She will revenge her death soon – Father declares

Four years after the death of Ebony, aka Nana Hemaa, her father, Mr Opoku Kwarteng, is still grieving her gruesome death. He disclosed that Ebony is miserable. And she would put her revenge in motion soon.

An emotional father recounted challenges he faced whilst trying to get justice for his daughter. Mr Opoku Kwarteng told Kofi TV that he’s been sidelined concerning investigations into his daughter’s death.

“I have always said that death is inevitable. We will all die. But the way my daughter died leaves me uneasy. I still feel something… I’m not going to change my mind on that because it is obvious.

“I feel that there is much more to her death. We were looking forward to getting the driver to appear before judges so that we can ask him, were you the one bringing my daughter? What contract did you go with her? Four people went on the journey, but you were the only one who came back, why? These questions should have been so good to ask. But I didn’t get that opportunity. I didn’t have that privilege. That’s sad.”

Mr Opoku Kwarteng proclaimed that Ebony would avenge her death, and exposed the perpetrators of the crime. He also cautioned critics to stop judging him based on his constant rants about his daughter’s death.

“Ebony hasn’t been happy, but let me tell you one thing. I’ve given my word. This time let me emphasize or reiterate… I have always said, and you mark my words, it will be projected clear. As I speak to you, put it there that I said anything pretty soon you will see something. What I am saying is Nana Hemaa’s revenge. She is in vengeance all too soon.Nana Hemaa is in revengance. Because I see no reason why an innocent personality, a person of her calibre, will die gruesomely. When she didn’t do any bad.

“People will insult me to have said this because I always say this. She is my child. You wouldn’t feel how I feel. And so, if I am talking about my daughter, either you skip reading. And if you want to read and understand, read.”

Source: 3news

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