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Snoop Dogg Is Accused of Sexual Assault



Snoop Dogg Is Accused of Sexual Assault

Ahead of the Super Bowl halftime show, fans are questioning whether rapper Snoop Dogg will be present at the event he will share with Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem, as it has been revealed that there is an accusation against him for alleged sexual abuse that has been made public by a model.

According to leaks of the case that have spread media such as Pitchfork, a model – of protected identity – came to the courts of Los Angeles to sue the rapper for a sexual assault that occurred in 2013.

According to what she knows about the case, the model attended a Snoop Dogg show for a previous invitation to be part of her dance team; however, the rapper’s colleague and friend, Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, took her against her will to Snoop’s house, where he is allegedly forcing the woman to perform oral sex on him. In the documents that the model and dancer assaulted would have presented to the Angelino court in California, it is mentioned that the aggression was repeated in the singer’s studio, where he again forced her to non-consensual intimate practices.

In the lawsuit made by the abused model, Gerber and Co, Inc. are also mentioned; Broadus Collection, LLC; Casa Verde Capital, LLC; and Merry Jane Events, Inc, however, none of the companies related to Snoop Dogg or the rapper himself have given an official statement to the alleged accusation, likewise, it has not been confirmed that in the face of this fact Snoop’s participation in the Super Bowl will be canceled

In recent days, Snoop Doog posted on Instagram a post in which he pointed out that the fortune-hunting season is beginning. “Be careful,” the post says, accompanied by several emojis referring to money, a policeman, and a judge. His subsequent publications have been related to the Super Bowl and the launch of his new production B.O.D.R.

Source: celebritiesbuzz

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