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Be smart, Stay in your lane – Shatta Wale to Black Sherif over comparison agenda?



Be smart, Stay in your lane – Shatta Wale to Black Sherif over comparison agenda?

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale seems to caution Kwaku The Traveller hitmaker to focus on his game instead of people’s agenda to pitch them against each other. Shatta Wale advised Black Sherif not to be lured into the agenda people are pushing.

In a video online, Shatta Wale pointed out the malicious intent of some people determined to diversify and torment artists.

“Everything that they are doing to every artiste in Ghana has been noted down. But we’ve kept quiet. I didn’t come into music to compete with anybody. It is people comparing me to people. It’s people’s agenda, and if you are not smart, you won’t notice these things. For how many years will dey compare Shatta Wale to anybody who will come out?”

Shatta Wale continued to detail how this action affects artists and their ability to work on their craft. He said, “You people started this agenda long ago. And if you, as an artist, aren’t strong-hearted then your spirit will be broken, and you will fall.”

According to Shatta Wale, music is his job. And as such, he is not in competition with anyone since he is making his money. He showed off his necklace and watch whilst jesting o=at people who started comparing himself to Black Sherif.

“Every day, they are calling my name and comparing me to a different artist. This Black Sherif boy came out recently, and you people want to compare? Badman, won’t you leave somebody to chop his food? Charley, what I am wearing on my neck is $120,000. This thing I am wearing (referring to his watch) is $59k.

I make music as a job. In the same way, somebody would finish school and work in a bank or hospital. Somebody would finish school and want to be a pilot. It’s the same thing I am doing. But by God’s grace, I can boldly say my music fetches so much money, basa basa money…The comparison you people are comparing left and right, my guy, you are wasting your time. I have money, I have made money. I have prepared myself. I am living the life,” Shatta Wale concluded.

Source: 3news