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BECE: Don’t prevent candidates who owe schools fees from writing – WAEC



BECE: Don’t prevent candidates who owe schools fees from writing – WAEC

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) has cautioned proprietors and school authorities not to prevent any candidate from writing the BECE because of school fees arears.

Speaking to Alfred Ocansey on the 3FM Sunrise Morning Show on Monday 17 October 2022, the Head of Public Affairs of the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) Ghana, Madam Agnes Teye-Cudjoe explained that government pays fully the examination fees of all candidates writing the BECE in government schools whereas, those from private schools pay their BECE fees themselves.

However, once the candidate has paid his or her examination fees which is totally different from the school fees, the candidate cannot be prevented from writing the exams because of school fees arears. Therefore, schools should find other means of getting the fees paid by the students rather than preventing them from writing the exams.

“We will not advise proprietors to stop candidates from writing the BECE because they didn’t pay school fees. Once they have paid their examination fees, allow them to write the exams and then find other means taking the school fees” she cautioned proprietors

Moreover, students who have not paid their examinations fees are not candidates and can’t write the exams. She also advised parents or guardians whose wards are prevented from writing the BECE should report the matter to the district education office.

The WAEC head of Public Affairs also noted that the examination centers are normally not the candidate’s school therefore it would be difficult for candidates to be sacked since the invigilators are also not teachers from the school.

“I will still advise the parent to send the candidate (ward) to the examination center and the supervisors will allow the candidate to write the exams” she emphasized.

In a statement issued ahead of the exams, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) a total of 552,276 candidates from 18,501 schools across the country take the exams for school candidates while a total of 1,132 private candidates have registered for the exams and will take the papers at 15 selected centers starting Monday 17 October 2022.

Out of the number for school candidates, 276,988 are males while 275,288 are females. The private candidates are made up of 634 males and 498 females.

According to WAEC, the total number of candidates representing the schools is 3.48 percent less than the 2021 figure of 572,167.

She assured that provisions are made for candidates with impairment or disabilities. Per the registration data, 65 candidates have visual impairment and 47 with hearing impairment. Also, candidates with physical challenges are given an hour and thirty minutes extra.

Source: 3news