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‘I won’t take my re-election as WAFU Zone B President for granted’ – Kurt Okraku



‘I won’t take my re-election as WAFU Zone B President for granted’ – Kurt Okraku

The President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kurt Okraku says he won’t take his re-election as the President of the West African Football Union (WAFU) Zone B for granted.

Mr. Okraku was retained in the role on Saturday, October 15, 2022, after initially taking over from former President Hima Djibrilla from May 2021.

Speaking during a visit to officially inform the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif of his election, Mr. Okraku said he was honoured to have been chosen to serve the sub-region as WAFU Zone B President.

He insisted that despite the “challenging” position he was thrust into initially, the body has chalked significant successes in his tenure.

“I am very humbled as always to be given the opportunity to serve football in the sub-region. In May of last year, President Hima Djibrilla stepped down and allowed me to serve the last 12 months of his tenure. The 12 months that I had to serve were very challenging, it was a period I had to study and to know everybody in the sub-region but at the same time to uplift the image of the zone as far as CAF and football-related activities were concerned,” he said.

“All the successes that we have chalked was as a result of the fact that I relied on everybody and brought everyone on board and we discussed and worked towards the promotion of the zone. I am very humbled because if countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast and the rest have absolute trust in me and my leadership and it is an opportunity I will not take for granted,” he added.

Mr. Okraku said he was grateful for the support he got from the member associations besides Ghana and intends to work with all of them to ensure that the gains made so far are consolidated.

“I intend to work with all the seven Member Associations to make the sub zone the strongest one could think about and also put Ghana on the map. Ghana is a superpower in African Football and it is important we are well represented physically at every level of governance in the African game starting from the WAFU,” he said.

“When we are together, we will achieve beyond our imaginations so I thank you for all your support and I will continue to count on you,” he added.

Source: CNR