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Don’t wear certain clothes to events – Soraya advises after Tidal Rave mishap



Don’t wear certain clothes to events – Soraya advises after Tidal Rave mishap

Event planner Soraya Opare Riley has asked concertgoers to take their personal security seriously, especially considering what they wear to certain events. She shared this during a panel discussion on Showbiz 927 hosted by Caleb Nii Boye.

Tidal Ravers filled Twitter with incidences of sexual assault, theft and other nuances after this year’s Tidal Rave festival. In response, organisers have pledged to ensure safer fun-filled beach-themed musical concerts.

But renowned event organiser, Soraya, pointed out that people should have also taken measures to ensure their safety. She cautioned against wearing skimpy or revealing clothes to prevent sexual harassment and assaults at certain party locations.

“You have to also take personal responsibility for yourself. My dad always told me that there are some clothes you don’t wear to certain events.

“Not to say that you can’t wear what you want to wear, but understand that if there is somebody there who is ready to attack you, then they are looking for the easiest way possible.”

She buttressed her point: “So if I’m wearing jean shorts and you are wearing booty shorts made from thin material. And the person is looking at the two options in the night for who to attack. He is going to go for the thin-material booty shorts girl because he knows that the jean shorts are difficult to attack.
It’s not to say don’t dress or don’t feel sexy or whatever. But it’s also about understanding the personal security for yourself.”

Soraya also gave some tips that people can consider to keep themselves safe whilst having fun. She asked patrons to leave their phones at home, park at designed car parks, and engage only uniformed security personnel at event locations.

Source: 3news