Chris Brown throws fan’s phone into the crowd for filming while on stage

Chris Brown throws fan’s phone into the crowd for filming while on stage

Chris Brown seemed to throw a fan’s phone into the audience as she ignored him completely.

The incident occurred after Brown allowed the lucky fan to join him on stage during his “Take You Down” performance in concert; it was posted on TikTok on Wednesday.

The woman immediately pulled out her phone to record the event instead of taking it all in. At first, Brown was seen removing the phone and putting it away gently.

She grabbed it again to keep filming, but as he danced around her and even gave her a passionate lapdance.

Concertgoers were in a frenzy due to the singer’s unimpressed snatching of the woman’s phone and hurling it into the audience.

The stage lights suddenly turned out, ending the awkward meeting when the very irritated woman flung her hands in the air.

Luckily, she was able to retrieve her phone, though it’s unknown how it fared after flying through the air and falling into a mosh pit.

Page Six contacted the singer’s agent but had not heard back at the time of publication. He hasn’t spoken about the incident either.

The video gained much attention on social media, with some fans standing up for Brown and others dismissing it as another outburst from the divisive musician.

One user tweeted, “Hey, I fully agree that occasionally we all need to be able to put our phones down and enjoy the moment… but it’s not Chris Brown’s or anybody else’s decision to make.

Another said, “It is tough to defend Chris Brown because he just keeps doing stuff.

Nonetheless, some defended him, saying that “Lowkey Why Chris Brown hurled the phone is now clear to me. You’re trying to tell me that while I’m up there giving it my all and giving you the best of my abilities, you’ll use the selfie camera to check yourself out. The disrespect, please

Brown, 33, is no stranger when it comes to stirring up controversy. Last month, the singer of “No Guidance” gained notoriety for throwing a fit after losing a Grammy.


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