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“Ghanaians only have an issue with the way I dress” – Efia Odo reveals



“Ghanaians only have an issue with the way I dress” – Efia Odo reveals

There are some intriguing things regarding Efia Odo’s life that have come out. Efia Odo recently spoke with Yaa Somuah about her new music career and personal life, which has garnered a lot of attention. 

“I put all of my feelings and emotions in my music,” she claimed.

Because the performer revealed that subsequent songs like “Sika” would discuss information about some of her prior relationships, fans may expect some juicy stuff in her songs.

Efia Odo discussed her relationship with her father throughout the conversation. She spoke candidly on how the absence of a father in her youth led her to pursue the wrong kind of relationships. She said:

“I always wish I had a dad, I wish I had that father figure because I would have made better decisions growing up, I look at my young adulthood, my adolescent ages looking for love from a man because I wasn’t getting it. I would have made better decisions when it came to my choice of men”

Efia Odo also opened up about the viral video of her and Shatta Wale, a crazy experience after trying weed for the first time and more. In the interview, she mentioned that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding her and she is sure it only stems from the way she dresses among other deep and personal stuff.

The full interview is below:

Full interview between Efia Odo and Yaa Somuah


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