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Nearly 70% of suicides are committed by men – Experts say



Nearly 70% of suicides are committed by men – Experts say

The worrying trend of men being more likely to commit suicide in Ghana is being highlighted by healthcare experts.

According to Francis Yeboah, a community psychiatry nurse at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, nearly 70% of suicides in the country are committed by men.

Yeboah attributes this to societal demands on men and a lack of emotional support, which can lead to men suppressing their emotions and experiencing a build-up of tension that can result in suicidal thoughts.

Dr Abigail Harding, a psychiatrist at the same hospital, adds that divorce and relationship issues are among the leading causes of suicide in Ghana, with emotional and financial investment in relationships contributing to mental vulnerability.

The Criminal Offenses Act of 1960 has recently been amended, so that those who attempt suicide will be considered as having mental health issues requiring assistance by law, rather than imprisonment.

Source: MyJoyOnline

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