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Driver jailed 9 months for biting officers fingers.



Driver jailed 9 months for biting officers fingers.

A 24-year-old commercial driver named Ebenezer Nkoom has been sentenced to nine months in jail by the Assin-Fosu District Court. This was due to his biting of the fingers of a police officer while resisting arrest.

He had pleaded guilty to 13 charges, which included causing harm, unlawful harm, resisting arrest, and other road traffic offenses. The officers involved in the incident were General Constable Samuel Ayamba and Constable Sophia Essel.

They were stationed at the Central North Regional Police Command of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD).

Nkoom had stopped at an unauthorized place to pick up passengers without considering other road users. When the officers approached him and cautioned him, he was adamant and refused to comply.

After his arrest, he resisted and bit one of the officers, causing severe injuries to his hand. He then drove them to an unknown location and attempted to escape.

Eventually, he was apprehended and found to have several violations, including driving without a validated license and driving a commercial vehicle at an unauthorized age without necessary safety equipment.

Source: PeaceFmOnline

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