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“If I tell you say I’m okay, I lied” – KiDi in an unreleased song.



“If I tell you say I’m okay, I lied” – KiDi in an unreleased song.

Despite rumors of his ailing health, KiDi, a musician signed to Lynx Entertainment, keeps his followers and listeners guessing with his intriguing messages and videos.

A week ago, he produced a video and a message to calm public concerns regarding rumors that he was suffering from a stroke. He recently released another video that is already sparking discussions.

KiDi recently shared a video of himself singing a song with the following lyrics on Twitter: “If I tell you say I’m okay, I lied, Everything I feel in my heart and my soul, Oh as you see me so, I’m smiling but I’m dead inside, Look into my eyes you see the pain in side, I don’t wanna chill, I wanna stay inside, whoa whoa whoa whoa, If I show you my liver, you go take me to prayer, Don’t wait till under 6 feet, I’m gone.”

While there aren’t sufficient details that it will be released on April 27, 2023.

KiDi finally addressed rumors about his health and social media absence on April 14, 2023.

Two months after making the difficult choice to post less frequently on social media and cancel his tour, he said that “a few bad actors took this opportunity to spread false stories” about him.

He claimed that all the rumors about him having a stroke were untrue.

Richie Mensah, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment, debunked the stroke stories in a news release before taking office.

KiDi claims he is returning to make songs and perform for his devoted followers.

Source: joyfmonline

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