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Two illegal miners drown after canoe capsized at Assin Awisam



Two illegal miners drown after canoe capsized at Assin Awisam

The dangers of illegal mining have once again been highlighted with the sad news of two deaths in Awisam in the Assin Fosu Municipality of the Central Region. The two illegal miners lost their lives when the canoe they were traveling on capsized on River Pra after their illegal mining activity.

The canoe, which has a capacity of five people, was carrying 11 people at the time of the incident. The canoe hit a rock during the journey, causing it to capsize and resulting in the two tragic deaths. The remaining nine were able to swim to the bank of the river.

This incident underscores the risks associated with illegal mining activities and the need for authorities to clamp down on such activities. The Assemblyman of the area, Mr. Jerry Ayuba, has urged the youth against engaging in illegal mining.

He noted that many of the victims involved in such incidents are young people who seem to value the money they gain from the activities more than their lives.

It is important that stakeholders in the mining industry work together to ensure that illegal mining activities are brought to an end. This includes the government, law enforcement agencies, mining companies, and communities where illegal mining activities take place.

The dangers associated with illegal mining activities are not limited to loss of lives but also environmental degradation and destruction of arable lands.

The government, mining companies, and communities must work together to find a lasting solution to this menace to prevent further loss of lives and environmental degradation.

Source: KasapaFmOnline

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