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35y/o man dies trying to rescue a drowning goat



35y/o man dies trying to rescue a drowning goat

Tragedy struck in the Atebubu district in the Bono East Region, as a 35-year-old man lost his life while trying to rescue a drowning goat from a well.

According to reports, Yaw Owusu was on his way to work on his farm when a neighbour requested his help to rescue her goat from a well.

The neighbour promised to pay him GHS 70 for his services, and he agreed to the deal.

However, things took a turn for the worse as he entered the well, unaware of its depth. Within two minutes of entering the well, he disappeared from sight, and his body was later found by the Ghana Fire Service, who were called in by residents.

Sadly, the goat did not survive either, and it was also recovered dead. Fire Service personnel who spoke to the media revealed that the victim may have smashed his head on a hard surface in the well, based on the visible injuries on his head during the rescue operation.

The tragic incident has left residents of the community in shock and mourning. It serves as a reminder of the dangers of entering wells without proper precautions, and the need to prioritize safety over material gain.

Source: AdomOnline

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