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Rapper Drake might be of Nigerian descent



Rapper Drake might be of Nigerian descent

Drake, an award-winning musician, has revealed that his father, Dennis Graham, is of 80% African descent, with Ghana being one of his ancestral countries.

The rapper shared a snapshot of his father’s DNA test results, which were conducted on, on his Instagram story. The test results indicated that Drake’s father has a diverse ethnic background, including ancestry from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Benin, and Togo.

Nigeria was the country with the highest percentage at 30%, followed by Cameroon, Congo, and other Western countries at 28%, with Ghana and Ivory Coast sharing 11%, Mali at 7%, and Benin and Togo at 4%.

Drake appeared to be excited by the news, asking in his Instagram post whether this meant he was finally a “Naija man,” a colloquial term for a Nigerian.

Like many Westerners, Drake’s ancestry has now been traced back to West Africa.

Rapper Drake might be of Nigerian descent

Source: AdomOnline

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