[VIDEO] UK based couple contact the same witch doctor to kill each other.

[VIDEO] UK based couple contact the same witch doctoer to kill each other.

A couple based in the UK has admitted to individually seeking the services of a local witch doctor, known as ‘juju’, to kill each other. The man, Baba Gamu, was the first to visit the witch doctor and requested the death of his wife.

During a family gathering, he justified his actions by claiming that prophets had informed him of his wife’s use of black magic or juju against him.

He also mentioned that his wife had kicked him out of their shared home. The family later discovered that the witch doctor, who had been tasked with killing Baba Gamu’s wife, had obtained her contact information and photos.

The witch doctor then contacted the wife, Mai Gamu, and informed her of her husband’s plan to kill her. Strangely, Mai Gamu and the witch doctor plotted to instead have Baba Gamu eliminated.

Source: AdomOnline

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