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GRIDCo apologizes for recent power outages, caused by “reduced gas supply”



GRIDCo apologizes for recent power outages, caused by “reduced gas supply”

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has issued an apology to Ghanaians who experienced intermittent power supply in recent days. The power cuts, particularly in parts of Accra, were attributed to a generational challenge that was beyond GRIDCo’s control.

Dzifa Bampoh, the Head of Corporate Communications at GRIDCo, expressed the company’s sincere apology during an interview on News 360 on TV3. She clarified that while GRIDCo is responsible for transmission, it does not generate power. However, GRIDCo monitors the generation capacity from power plants, including hydro, thermal, and solar sources.

Bampoh explained that the recent power supply issues were due to a shortfall in generation capacity, which means that the power plants were unable to generate enough electricity to meet the demand of Ghanaians. This was partly caused by a lack of sufficient gas supply to power some of the plants.

She emphasized that the intermittent power supply was not a deliberate load-shedding measure but rather a result of the reduced gas supply, leading to a reduction in electricity supply to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

GRIDCo’s apology acknowledges the inconvenience caused by the power cuts and highlights the underlying reasons beyond their control.

Source: 3News

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