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[VIDEO] Tension mounts between Bunso and Nsutam



[VIDEO] Tension mounts between Bunso and Nsutam

There is growing tension between the chiefs and residents of Bunso and Nsutam regarding a land dispute at the Bunso roundabout on the Accra-Kumasi Highway.

On May 9, the youth of Nsutam engaged in a physical confrontation by removing a signage with the name “Bunso” that was installed by the chief of Bunso near the GOIL fuel station close to the Linda Dor Rest stop at the roundabout.

A viral video showed the youth pulling down the signage while the chief of Bunso, attempting to prevent them, was pushed down and dragged back into his car.

Sources from Citi News indicate that the land in question originally belonged to the people of Asiakwa but was given to Nsutam residents for settlement. However, with the increasing commercial activities in the area, the chief of Bunso, Osabarima Abiam Brakatu II, has been attempting to claim ownership of the land, which the youth of Nsutam vehemently oppose.

The situation was diffused with the timely intervention of police officers stationed at the roundabout, as it was on the verge of escalating into a violent conflict when someone from the chief’s camp brandished a gun.

Additionally, there has been an ongoing administrative issue between the Fanteakwa South District Assembly (where Nsutam is located) and the Abuakwa South Municipal Assembly (which includes Bunso) regarding the responsibility for collecting business operating permits and taxes from businesses and property owners at the busy junction.

Source: adomOnline

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