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National Peace council to intervene in the Agyinasare-Nogokpo impasse



National Peace council to intervene in the Agyinasare-Nogokpo impasse

Reverend Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, Chairman of the National Peace Council, has expressed concerns about the potential escalation of the issue between Nogokpo town and Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder of Perez Chapel International.

He warned that if the Council does not intervene, the situation could lead to a conflict between traditional worshipers and Christians, which the Council is trying to prevent.

Rev. Adu-Gyamfi referred to the Wesley Girls incident as an example, where a conflict between one family and the school escalated into a conflict between Muslims and Christians.

He emphasized the need for intervention to avoid a similar spillover in the case between Nogokpo and Archbishop Agyinasare, as it could result in a conflict between Christians and traditional rulers or worshipers.

The National Peace Council’s Volta Region branch has already initiated a process to engage all parties involved in order to find an amicable resolution to the impasse. The Council called on those affected by the stalemate to exercise restraint and caution in their comments and pronouncements on the matter.

The conflict arose after the traditional authorities of Nogokpo raised concerns about Archbishop Agyinasare referring to the town as the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region. The authorities gave the Archbishop a 14-day ultimatum to report to Nogokpo, claiming that he showed no remorse in his response.

The National Peace Council emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence between different faiths and urged the media and all those making statements on the matter to exercise restraint to protect the peace, stability, and integrity of Ghana.

Source: 3News

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