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Sarkodie impregnated me back in 2010 but refused to accept the child – Yvonne Nelson reveals



Sarkodie impregnated me back in 2010 but refused to accept the child – Yvonne Nelson reveals

Yvonne Nelson has opened up about her decision to terminate a pregnancy after the man responsible for it refused to take responsibility, citing his involvement with another girlfriend.

In her book titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’, the Ghanaian actress reveals that the man in question was a rapper from Tema, and the incident took place in 2010. Yvonne discloses that the rapper is Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known as Sarkodie, who has now become an iconic and award-winning Ghanaian musician.

According to Yvonne’s narrative, she had taken a pregnancy test in the presence of her friend Karen. When the test result was revealed, it confirmed her suspicions. Yvonne shares her emotions, stating that she wasn’t prepared to handle such news lightly.

She contacted Michael Owusu Addo, explaining the situation, but he was not willing to bear the responsibility at that time as he was still dependent on his mother and uncertain about his future prospects in the music industry.

Yvonne clarifies that their relationship was not a serious one but rather a connection formed through their mutual interest in the music industry. She admired Sarkodie’s talent, and their closeness grew over time.

However, when faced with the pregnancy, Yvonne felt compelled to consider the challenges she had faced growing up without a father and didn’t want to subject a child to the same fate of being rejected by their father.

In an attempt to terminate the pregnancy, Yvonne resorted to taking concoctions suggested by a colleague. However, the substances proved ineffective, and she discovered she was still pregnant after a subsequent test.

Yvonne made the difficult decision to proceed with the abortion, driven by her own fatherless experience and the desire to spare another individual from such circumstances. Reflecting on the experience, she expresses regret and considers it one of the most significant mistakes of her life, stating that if given the chance, she would have chosen differently.

‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ delves into Yvonne’s personal journey of self-discovery, revealing the challenges she faced living with a false identity. The book offers an explosive and captivating account of her life.

Source: PulseGh

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