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Assin North: Just high octane spin & spineless propaganda – Franklin Cudjoe on campaign messages



Assin North: Just high octane spin & spineless propaganda – Franklin Cudjoe on campaign messages

Franklin Cudjoe, the founding president of Imani Africa, claimed that during the campaigning in Assin North on Sunday, June 26, in preparation for the by-election that would take place on Tuesday, June 27, he did not hear any meaningful messages from the political parties.

He claimed that the only propaganda he had heard was from the parties.

“By-election in Assin North. I didn’t hear any sincere campaign rhetoric about how we were carelessly led to the IMF and how we would act differently. Just frantic spin and cowardly propaganda. He posted on Facebook, What a waste”.

President Nana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo advised Assin North voters not to cast their ballots for a candidate in the by-election who is currently on trial in court during the campaign.

On Sunday, June 25, the candidate declared, “A candidate with legal issues should not be voted for the constituency to witness the needed development.”

“They claim that they will vote for Gyakye Quayson even if he is imprisoned. Will we support someone who will serve time in jail?

What advantages will the electorate gain by choosing such a candidate? We want someone who, if elected, can approach me to discuss how to grow the constituency.

However, former President John Dramani Mahama informed him that there are differences between the facts of the cases involving Adamu Sakande, the late Bawku member of parliament who was sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of falsely declaring his office and perjury, and James Gyakye Quayson, the ousted Assin North lawmaker who is currently on trial for the same offenses.

Don’t lead the residents of Assin North to assume that the two circumstances are identical, Mr. Mahama urged a crowd on Sunday.

“Adamu Sakande was imprisoned due to lying and hiding his passport. Gyakye Quayson does not hide the key. What crime has he committed if Canada recognized that he was no longer a citizen before the 2020 election?

Source: 3News

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