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Ladies, here are five signs your man is selfish and controlling.



Ladies, here are five signs your man is selfish and controlling.

The term “narcissism” has gained popularity in therapy jargon, but what does it mean?

Have you ever questioned whether your relationship is healthy or unhealthy? Is my man only egotistical and domineering, or is this how guys are generally? Here’s how you find out, though:

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines narcissism as a pattern of grandiosity, a persistent craving for admiration, and a lack of empathy.

An exaggerated sense of self, an obsession with ideals of unending success, beauty, or love, a conviction that they are unique and should associate with or be understood by other elite or highly-regarded people or groups, a desire for unjustified admiration, and a sense of entitlement are all conditions that must be met in at least five instances.

What should you look out for besides the diagnostic definition of a narcissist?

1. Manipulation

Your partner will employ slightly threatening words throughout the relationship. Even if they don’t express it directly, you will understand that there will be consequences if you don’t give in to what they want. Even if you don’t concur with what they’re asking for, it’s sometimes simpler to merely comply. They employ this method to influence and hold their partners under control so they can get what they want.

2. Constant criticism that causes self-doubt

You still feel unworthy despite all that you have accomplished in your life. This is because your partner constantly criticizes you or disapproves of what you do. Nothing you do or achieve is sufficient.

Your partner always makes fun of how you dress, appear, and carry yourself. They make fun of and belittle you; this can happen out loud, in private, or in front of your friends and acquaintances. They do this to bolster their egos by disparaging others.

3. Lack of responsibility

It’s almost impossible for a narcissist to provide a genuine apology. The likelihood is that your narcissistic partner always blames you for their actions. No matter how rude they are, you are always to blame. Saying sorry would seem out of the question for narcissists because they don’t perceive other people as equals, and even if they did apologize, they would likely give you the benefit of the doubt by blaming you for causing them to misbehave rather than taking responsibility for their actions.

4. Isolation

Saying unfavorable things about their friends and family is a frequent way for narcissistic persons to alienate their spouses. This causes shame and the idea that they should alter their friends or stay away from their relatives.

When you make arrangements with your friends or family, they could insist that you spend time with them instead, reminding you of arguments you had with your pals and telling you how bad they are for you. They always place you in a difficult position where you must decide how to show them you care by choosing between them and your pals.


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