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Stonebwoy’s wife is my bestie; they share marital issues with me – Ayisha Modi.



Stonebwoy’s wife is my bestie; they share marital issues with me – Ayisha Modi.

Ghanaian socialite Ayisha Modi has recently addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship with Stonebwoy and Dr. Louisa.

They still have a close relationship, despite rumors that the musician had grown distant from her, according to Ayisha Modi. Even though she doesn’t spend as much time with him anymore, their bond is still strong.

Ayisha Modi said that because of their strong relationship with Stonebwoy, she and Dr. Louisa, Stonebwoy’s wife, are like sisters-in-law to each other.

Ayisha Modi discussed the interactions between herself, Stonebwoy, and the dancehall artist in a phone conversation with her goddaughter.

She emphasized that there had never been any inappropriate behavior between her and Stonebwoy and that the stories were exaggerated.

Ayisha Modi further noted that Dr. Louisa has always supported their connection and has never shown any jealousy. She considered Stonebwoy a brother figure and his wife her closest friend. Even more so than with Stonebwoy, Ayisha Modi has a strong bond with Dr. Louisa.

“His wife is like a best friend, while Stonebwoy is like a brother. That was how I interacted with them. There was nothing between Stonebwoy and I.

There were far too many things being said. Because of our proximity to Lousia, his wife has never displayed jealous tendencies. We are even more intimate than my relationship with Stonebwoy.

Ayisha Modi wants to set the record straight and confirm that her relationships with Stonebwoy and Dr. Louisa are harmonious to quell the rumors and clear the air.


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