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‘Try Me is not the first time I’ve done records to address specific issues – Sarkodie.



‘Try Me is not the first time I’ve done records to address specific issues – Sarkodie.

Sarkodie, a rapper from Ghana, acknowledged in a recent interview that while he has previously utilized music to address various issues, there are some subjects he would rather avoid discussing for fear of losing his cool.

Sarkodie said that even though he doesn’t hesitate to address specific concerns in his music, there are some subjects that he avoids bringing up in public since they could create violent reactions.

The Happy Day rapper stated, “I don’t know, but there are some things I hate to feed into especially speaking about it because maybe I would lose my cool. This is not the first time I’ve done albums to address specific situations.

He emphasized the significance of speaking cautiously, especially when discussing sensitive issues between two people.

Sarkodie highlighted that he wasn’t necessarily proud of releasing his diss track in response to Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, “Try Me,” published in response to the song.

Since this is a conversation between two individuals, he noted, “I am not going to sit here and say I am proud of it. The thing is just how I felt—whether it be my truth—there should have been a way you could have stated it.

But at the time, he felt forced to use music to convey his reality and feelings.

The music gave him a platform to tell his side of the tale, even if he acknowledged that there might have been other ways to approach the circumstance.

He said that if you want to talk about it because it also affects me, we could have a dialogue.

Sarkodie acknowledged his hesitation to participate in public debates on delicate subjects because he feared certain people would take advantage of his unwillingness to answer.

He clarified that some people might presume he won’t speak up and exploit that for their gain.

But he admitted that he must occasionally use music to express himself in specific circumstances.

People anticipate saying something since they know Sark won’t talk and will get away with it, so now and then, he said, “People know that Sark doesn’t speak.”

Source: 3News

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