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The fact that some content creators are living fake lives doesn’t mean all of us are – Felicia Osei.



The fact that some content creators are living fake lives doesn’t mean all of us are – Felicia Osei.

Ghanaian TikTok star, Felicia Osei has firmly indicated that not all content creators live fake lives.

The radio host claimed while appearing on Showbiz University, a podcast platform run by M.G Digital. She said that just because some influencers led false lifestyles, it does not follow that everyone in the industry does as well.

Many famous people borrow automobiles. It doesn’t imply that the individual is a fraud. It doesn’t follow that everyone is leading a false life just because some individuals are, she said.

Onua FM’s Adwuma Adwuma host provided an example of how creatives may be accused of fabricating work. There are those people, in her words, “who are doing things they can’t afford. You are doing dishonestly if you cannot afford to do what you are doing to yourself. Being false is living a life you can’t afford; meanwhile, being true is living a life you can afford and desire to live.

She thinks that because of the platform they have, influencers and content producers need to uphold a standard since others look up to them.

My biggest break came from TikTok, says Felicia Osei

“No matter who you are, the instant you present yourself as an influencer or content creator, people look up to you. When you first start and have success, people immediately look up to you. Speaking to King Kwaku Mensa, she urged, “People are expecting you to stand out clean.

“Just because you make people laugh doesn’t mean you should step out with powder on your face or your shoe tied around your neck,” she concluded. Because you’re going to represent yourself in other areas rather than provide content, you should come out as honestly as possible.

She believes that not all influencers and content creators are fraudulent or lead double lives because of this. She puts an end to the conversation by using herself as an example.

It is identical to me. Maybe you’ll ask me for a program. You shouldn’t anticipate me to arrive in my current state because there will be photographers and bloggers present, she said.


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