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Ewes should be proud of the ‘juju’ tag, it makes them powerful – Mr. Logic’.



Ewes should be proud of the ‘juju’ tag, it makes them powerful – Mr. Logic’.

Mr. Logic vehemently discussed the misconceptions about Ewes and their connection to “voodoo culture.”

For their beliefs and traditions, the ethnic tribe from the Volta region has frequently been misunderstood and unfavorably labeled.

However, Mr. Logic pushed the Ewes to take pride in this cultural identity rather than be afraid of it. He underlined that charm and traditional wisdom should not be viewed as a source of weakness but rather as a source of power and strength.

“Ewes shouldn’t be embarrassed to acknowledge their appeal. What is incorrect about that? It is what gives them their power. Being a Voltarian should make them feel proud. The possibility that she may possess juju is what will convince me to wed a Voltarian. They’ll say she’s powerful, and I’ll be pleased with myself for it. You have a strong traditional upbringing, therefore you should be proud of yourself. Because we are made of flesh and blood, Jesus is unmoved by what occurs in our bodies.

The conversation also touched on Bishop Charles Agyinasare’s contact with the Nogokpo shrine. Mr. Logic noted that such deities usually do extensive investigation before rendering judgment. He emphasized that it was possible in Bishop Agyinasare’s instance that he had not wronged the deity, which led to his release.

“When you present problems to such deities, they frequently perform the study. They do not immediately pass judgment. He wasn’t mistreated by the deity, which is why he was freed. He should try acting inappropriately. He suggested, for example, that he try sleeping with someone’s wife and observe.

Mr. Logic urged the Ewe community to value its history and customs, emphasizing that they should be honored rather than vilified because they are an integral part of the Ewe people’s identity.


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