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I wanted to be a caterer but there was no money to send me to a vocational school – Empress Gifty.



I wanted to be a caterer but there was no money to send me to a vocational school – Empress Gifty.

Empress Gifty, a well-known gospel performer, has said that as a child, she wanted to work as a caterer but her mother was unable to support the desire due to financial constraints.

The gospel singer revealed that her dream job was to be a chef but that she had to work as a maid for her mother’s friend since her mother didn’t have enough money in an interview with Giovanni Caleb and AJ Sarpong on the 3FM Drive.

I wanted to work as a caterer, but my mother stated that since she didn’t have any money, I would have to work for her friend, who would pay me, and the money would be used to pay for my education.

Empress was unable to work in God’s vineyard because of her maidservant responsibilities because she was actively involved in church activities.

She asked her mother if she may quit because her superiors would often protest whenever she wanted to go to a church event.

“When I first started this, people never understood when I sought for leave to attend church events. They always question you as you leave. I informed my mother that the woman doesn’t comprehend my calling because I don’t want anything to divert me from my enthusiasm and passion for God’s things. She said, “I informed her I wanted to cease the work.

Apply wisdom in marriage, advises Empress Gifty, and I don’t touch my husband’s phone.

Empress Gifty said that her mother’s blessing came with a stipulation.

She claims, “My mother said it was acceptable if I stopped, but I would have to start working in fashion design. You must gain knowledge. I, therefore, had to change my purpose. My mother was a great support, and God was so nice to me. God is using the voice and gift he gave me to accomplish this.

She then talked about her brand-new song, “Awiey3 Pa,” which she claims is an account of her life and exhorts listeners to have faith in God no matter how difficult things become.

“Empress is referred to as ‘Awiey3 Pa’. You must persist. He handles varying epochs and climates. Just your minutes and seconds will be all he needs to make things right,” she said, gesturing.


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