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Ugandan leader accuses World Bank of coercion.



Ugandan leader accuses World Bank of coercion.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda claims that the World Bank is trying “to coerce” his country’s government into changing its anti-LGBT laws.

It comes after the lender’s declaration that it will stop making new loans to the nation because the law prohibiting same-sex relationships goes against its core principles.

However, President Museveni said that “Uganda will develop with or without loans” in a statement shared on social media.

He expressed regret that the lender was attempting to “use the money to coerce us into giving up our faith, culture, principles, and sovereignty.”

“They significantly undervalue all Africans. Nobody needs to put any pressure on us; we already know how to address issues in our society. They are issues we have,” he continued.

However, Mr. Museveni stated that the nation was still in contact with the World Bank “so that they and we avoid this diversion if possible”.

The death penalty is applied for “aggravated homosexuality” and a 20-year prison sentence is imposed for “promoting” homosexuality under the anti-LGBT law that President Museveni signed in May.

Human rights organizations from Uganda and around the world have denounced the law. The new law has also been denounced by the UN, the US, and other nations.

In addition to the US, the World Bank has imposed penalties on Uganda because of its anti-homosexuality law.

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