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CPP targets over 6m votes in a new approach to re-organize the base.



CPP targets over 6m votes in a new approach to re-organize the base.

Before the general elections in 2024, the Convention People’s Party (CPP) released a re-organization pamphlet to reintegrate and energize the party’s grassroots base.

The booklet, titled “Organisation decides it all,” challenges the party’s executive members to strengthen the party’s foundation to develop a powerful force for the upcoming election.

Political parties are under increasing pressure to organize their supporters to be included in the general election of 2024 as that year is quickly approaching.

In this vein, the CPP has chosen a fresh strategy to convince Ghanaians to support its programs and elect them to power in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Speaking to the media during the opening, CPP Chairperson and Leader Akosua Frimpomaa Sarpong Kumankumah maintained that the reintegration program is targeting over 6 million eligible voters for success in the 2024 elections.

She urged the party’s membership to cooperate in upholding the CPP’s ideals and tenets, making the organization more appealing to the general public.

She explained that the reorganization booklet included a list of polling places in each constituency across the nation so that executives may carry out their duties by persuading at least 10 individuals to vote for CPP in each electoral region.

“Now it’s your turn to build the CPP into a broad-based party with representatives from a variety of trades; you owe it to mother Ghana to succeed.

She emphasized, “Please get it working. The opportunity for CPP in 2024 hinges on your mobilization of people from your constituency and electoral zones.

The CPP vice-presidential candidate for 2012 urged the party’s leaders to enthusiastically support the reorganization plan to strengthen the party’s grassroots support.

She said that the CPP is the only party with better plans to rescue Ghana from its economic gloom and exhorted the youth to join the party in droves to bring the party to power in 2024.


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