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Gabon coup leader to be sworn in as interim president.



Gabon coup leader to be sworn in as interim president.

Gen. Brice Oligui Nguema, the head of the military government in Gabon, will soon be sworn in as the nation’s acting president.

On Wednesday, shortly after President Ali Bongo was declared the victor of a disputed election, the army overthrew him.

It’s anticipated that supporters of the Gabonese military establishment would be present for Gen. Nguema’s inauguration.

Despite increased security, there is calm around the nation.

The 55-year Bongo dynasty may not be over, as the coup’s leader is reportedly the cousin of deposed president Ali Bongo.

To avoid repeating past mistakes, Gen. Nguema has stated he won’t rush the country back under civilian authority.

The military is not showing any signs of ceding power, according to the opposition.

As the former colonial power France battles to maintain its sway on the continent, Gabon is the sixth country in the Francophone world to be placed under military rule in the last three years.

Source: BBC

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