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Police just fear-mongering, thinking our demo will turn into a military coup – Mahama Ayariga.



Police just fear-mongering, thinking our demo will turn into a military coup – Mahama Ayariga.

According to Mahama Ayariga, a member of parliament from Bawku Central Constituency, the Minority members of Parliament have previously marched along the same path in a “very successful” and peaceful protest.

He claimed that the same cops offered security.

He has a hard time understanding why the cops claim they cannot give the same level of security this time.

He believes that the cops are merely inciting fear and using intimidation against them.

On Monday, September 4, he revealed this when appearing on TV3’s Ghana Tonight.

It comes after the Accra High Court decided to rule on an appeal made by the MPs against a request for an interim injunction made by the Ghana Police Service’s Accra Regional Command about the planned protest against the governor of the Bank of Ghana and his two deputies.

The demonstration was initially set for Tuesday, September 5, but has been moved to Tuesday, September 12 as a result of the Court’s decision to rule on the Minority’s objection on Friday, September 8.

Tuesday off for minority’s #OccupyBoGProtest
The National Democratic Congress (NDC) MPs will abide by any ruling made by the court on Friday, Mr. Ayariga assured host Alfred Ocansey.

“We are law-abiding citizens,” he declared. “These are members of parliament; we write the laws, so we cannot be at the forefront of saying we won’t follow any court order, but we are saying we are very confident the court won’t change the route because the route is correct.”

The #OccuoyBOGProtest protest is anticipated to begin in front of Parliament House and proceed to the Bank of Ghana after passing the Ministry of Finance, the High Court Complex, Kinbu, Makola, Rawlings Park, and Opera Square.

The Bawku Central MP believes that there is no issue with this route and that the police are merely inciting fear.

“It is only the police who are attempting to use intimidation and fear-mongering tactics, telling people that there is a fear of a military coup and that the demonstration will be the catalyst for one.

“That’s spreading false alarms. They are using intimidation techniques like that, and the rest of us cannot stand by and do nothing while the police neglect their fundamental duties and cite the prospect of a military takeover as justification.

“You can’t tell us that today you have lost that capacity to be able to police us to march along the same routes,” protesters chanted. “In the past, we have marched along the same route with the same police providing us with support, and the marches have been very peaceful and very successful.”


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