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Be transparent with limited voter registration – Mahama challenges EC.



Be transparent with limited voter registration – Mahama challenges EC.

John Dramani Mahama, the 2024 nominee for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is requesting that the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) be “more transparent” in the procedures building up to this year’s early voter registration drive, which will begin on Tuesday.

The former president pleaded with the EC to take note of the many requests to expand the exercise to include electoral zones.

These were disclosed by Mr. Mahama on September 6 during a Facebook Live message to his followers.

First and foremost, he urged all eligible Ghanaians to attend the registration offices starting on Tuesday, September 12, to sign up to vote on December 7, 2024, to bring about the necessary change.

He was worried, though, that the EC had disregarded requests to bring the exercise to its electoral offices.

He stated, “I wish to add my voice to those who have called on the EC to reconsider its decision to restrict the registration exercise to its district offices only,” pointing out that this is required by the EC’s laws.

“It is also our very strong proposal that the Commission listens to the call for the extension of the exercise to take place in the electoral areas and not only the district offices of the Commission, by regulation 22(b) of CI 91 as revised by CI 126.

This will eliminate several annoyances, such as access, transportation, and a lack of funds to travel from far-off places.

On Monday, October 2, the exercise is supposed to conclude.

Every day, between 8:00 and 5:00, it will take place.

Before the district-level and unit committee elections scheduled for Tuesday, December 19, the EC announced the exercise.

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