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Shallipopi Reveals Stage Name Inspiration from Chinese Film



Shallipopi Reveals Stage Name Inspiration from Chinese Film

Popular Nigerian singer, Crown Uzama, widely known as Shallipopi, has unveiled the intriguing origin of his stage name, revealing that it was inspired by the 1994 Chinese kung fu comedy film, “Shaolin Popey.”

In a recent interview with British media personality Madame Joyce, Shallipopi shared the journey of discovering his stage name. He disclosed that he initially experimented with using his birth name, Crown, and other nicknames like Drip Face, but eventually settled on Shallipopi.

He recounted how he stumbled upon the movie “Shaolin Popey” by accident during his childhood. Despite intending to watch a Tom And Jerry CD purchased by his mother, they ended up inserting the wrong disc, which turned out to be the film “Shaolin Popey.”

“I was looking for [a stage] name, so I was like let me coin something from the movie ‘Shaolin Popey,’ that’s how I came up with my nickname,” Shallipopi explained.

In addition to revealing the inspiration behind his stage name, Shallipopi clarified his musical genre, describing it as not Afrobeats but rather “afro-talk.” He emphasized that he doesn’t consider himself a rapper but rather a talker, distinguishing his unique style within the music industry.

Source: ghmediahub

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