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Just In: Deputy Minister of Finance John Kumah is dead



Just In: Deputy Minister of Finance John Kumah is dead

In a somber turn of events, Deputy Minister of Finance, John Kumah, passed away on Thursday, March 7, leaving behind a grieving nation. The 45-year-old lawmaker for Ejisu is survived by his wife and six children, as confirmed by sources close to the family and reported by TV3’s William Evans Inkum.

Early Life and Education: John Kumah, born on August 4, 1978, in Ejisu Odaho, Ashanti Region, Ghana, embarked on a remarkable journey of education and self-improvement. He attended Opoku Ware School for his secondary education and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Philosophy from the University of Ghana (Legon). His academic pursuits extended further, earning him an MBA in Finance from GIMPA in 2009, a Law degree (LLB) from the University of Ghana, and a Professional Law Degree (BL) from the Ghana School of Law. Not content with these achievements, he completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Business Research from the Nobel International Business School in 2019. Additionally, he received a Doctorate in Business Innovation from the Swiss Business School and a Masters in Applied Research (Business Innovation).

Career: John Kumah’s diverse career showcased his talents across law, business, and public service. Admitted to the Ghana Bar as a Solicitor and Legal Practitioner in 2013, he became a founding member and Managing Partner of Aduaprokye Chambers. He also founded Majak Associates Ltd, a construction company. His leadership extended to the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP), where he served as CEO until 2020. In April 2021, he assumed the role of Deputy Minister of Finance, contributing his expertise to the nation’s economic management.

Politics: In the 2020 Ghanaian general election, John Kumah was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Ejisu constituency under the New Patriotic Party (NPP). His political journey continued with his appointment as the Deputy Minister of Finance in April 2021. He held key positions in various committees, notably serving as the Vice Chairperson of the Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Committee.

Ghana mourns the loss of a dedicated public servant, legal professional, and entrepreneur in John Kumah. His legacy will be remembered for his contributions to law, business, and public service. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues during this challenging time.


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