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Only Ignorant Folks Think I’m Not Talented – Patapaa Fires Back at Critics



Only Ignorant Folks Think I’m Not Talented – Patapaa Fires Back at Critics

Accra, Ghana – In an electrifying new interview, Ghanaian music sensation Patapaa has clapped back at his detractors, boldly declaring, “Only ignorant folks think I’m not talented.” The “One Corner” hitmaker, known for his unique style and infectious energy, has faced his fair share of criticism over the years. However, he remains undeterred, insisting that his success speaks for itself.

Patapaa, born Justice Amoah, has been a polarizing figure in the Ghanaian music scene. His breakout hit “One Corner” became a viral sensation in 2017, catapulting him to international fame. Despite the song’s massive success, critics have often questioned his musical abilities, labeling his work as a passing fad.

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Patapaa opened up about the ridicule he has endured and his determination to change the negative labels that have affected his music career. “Some radio and TV panellists, presenters, and industry insiders have always tried to label me as untalented, which is false. This negative claim is affecting my progress in the music industry,” he explained.

Patapaa didn’t mince words, highlighting the ignorance of many of his critics. “Interestingly, most of these people don’t even understand how the industry works but they will be playing experts,” he remarked. “That is where I have a problem. They come out and want to take every opportunity to trample on my brand. I want such people to know that it’s not easy to build a brand like mine, yet they want to use a short time to destroy everything I have worked hard for.”

The singer expressed frustration over the years-long struggle against this unfair branding. “No matter how much I try to work hard, it’s very difficult because I have been branded as a man who doesn’t make sensible songs, which is untrue. That narrative must stop,” he asserted.

Determined to educate his critics, Patapaa stated, “Those who say or think that way are just ignorant. I am going to school them and put some discipline in the music game because some of their comments are born out of jealousy and not a genuine appreciation of music.”

Fans of Patapaa have rallied behind him, flooding social media with messages of support. “Patapaa is a legend in his own right,” tweeted one fan. “He’s brought joy to millions with his music, and that’s real talent.”

As Patapaa continues to defy the odds and push boundaries, one thing is clear: he’s not going anywhere. His message to the critics is loud and clear – underestimate him at your peril.


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